We provide the tools to merchants that are enrolled for lodging-specific pricing to qualify for lower transaction rates, saving money on each transaction processed.

To run lodging transactions, a lodging object should be added to the transaction object when creating a transaction. Lodging transactions intended for check-in should use a type of "auth". The following is an example of a transaction object with an added lodging object:

    "type": "auth",
    "amount": 1.23,
    "credit_card": {
        "name": "John Doe",
        "exp": "12/34",
        "number": "4111111111111111",
    "lodging": {
        "duration": 1,
        "check_in_date": "2024-01-01",
        "check_out_date": "2023-01-02",
        "room_rate": 12.34

Optionally, to perform an incremental authorization after check-in, a PATCH should be sent to the original transaction where the type is set to "incremental", and the incremental amount is any additional amount that should be added to the "bill" for the stay:

  "type": "incremental",
  "amount": 1.23

For check-out, PATCH the original transaction with a type of "sale":

	"type": "sale"