Sandbox is a risk-free environment that allows PaidYET service integrators to test their integrations without using real cards, which eliminates the risk of leaking sensitive card information while testing.


Sandbox Account

For a sandbox account, please send a request to [email protected]

To use the sandbox, please point to the following URL:

The sandbox is almost identical to production. The main differences between the two systems are outlined below.

Transaction Gateway

The PaidYET Sandbox does not process live transactions. It does not pass any credit card data to any of the credit card settlement platforms. Instead, all transactions are processed using our “Mock” processor. This processor has been created to work with the “Test Cards” that are noted in the table below. All other cards will produce an “Invalid Card” error. We do not store any credit card data on “Invalid Cards” and do not keep logs of any of the invalid attempts due to the strict PCI DSS rules regarding storage of credit card data.

Email System

The PaidYET Sandbox environment is not intended to send emails to external email accounts. The sandbox should not be used for spamming purposes or to test email receipts. The email receipts that are sent from the sandbox environment are not sent using the same production email system. These emails are sent using a lower volume emailing platform and therefore will differ slightly from production emails.

Test Cards

IDCard NumberExpirationCVVStatusDecline CodeMessageAVS ResponseCVV Response
34000300001112222924999declined4Pickup Card
44000300211112228924999declined5Do Not Honor
54000300311112227924999declined12Invalid transaction
64000300411112226924999declined15Invalid Issuer
74000300511112225924999declined25Unable to locate Record
84000300611112224924999declined51Insufficient Funds
94000300711112223924999declined55Invalid Pin
104000300811112222924999declined57Transaction Not Permitted
114000300911112221924999declined62Restricted Card
124000301011112228924999declined65Excess withdrawal count
134000301111112227924999declined75Allowable number of pin tries exceeded
144000301211112226924999declined78No checking account
154000301311112225924999declined97CVV failuren